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  • Executive floor
  • Luxury suite


Cafes and restaurants La Cafe Terraza image

1F Cafes and restaurants La Cafe Terraza

The perfect place for a casual meal or refreshing snack. It's also a great place just to meet someone or have a pleasant chat over a cup of tea or coffee.
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Chinese restaurant Seishika image

1F Chinese restaurant Seishika

In China, it is said that "food is medicine." Seishika serves traditional Cantonese cuisine that is both good and good for you.
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Japanese restaurant Fukashiro image

5F Japanese restaurant Fukashiro

Delightful seasonal delicacies in a quiet and subdued atmosphere.
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14F French cuisine Sorpresa image

French cuisine Sorpresa

Don’t be surprised to find good times while enjoying Matsumoto’s night-time cityscape, delicious food, and attentive service at Sorpresa.
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