For Guests Traveling by Train

For Guests Traveling by Train

For Guests Traveling by Bus

Expressway bus service is available from Shinjuku, Nagoya, Osaka, and Nagano to Matsumoto. The hotel is a 5-minute walk from the Matsumoto Bus Terminal.

For Guests Traveling by Airplane

Flights from Fukuoka, and Sapporo to Shinshu Matsumoto Airport. Please take the bus from the Matsumoto Airport to the Matsumoto Bus Terminal. The ride is approximately 25 minutes long. Get off at the Matsumoto Bus Terminal, and walk five minutes to the hotel.

For Guests Traveling by Car

1.Take the Nagano Expressway to the Matsumoto Interchange.
2. Following the signs toward the Matsumoto city center, go straight until you pass beneath the JR railway and come to the Chuo 1-chome Intersection, then turn right.
3.Finding the JR Matsumoto Station on your right, proceed straight until you reach the Honjo 1-chome overpass. You will be able to see the hotel diagonally to your left. Go left to find street or underground parking; go right to enter the multistory parking facility.

※Be sure to bring your parking ticket to the front desk.


Parking facilities

There are two parking facilities available to guests at the Buena Vista: an underground parking lot and an multistory parking facility.

*Overnight guests should be sure to bring their parking ticket to the front desk.
*Visitors using the hotel facilities should present their parking ticket to the cashier when paying their bill.
*Although there is plenty of available parking, please remember the facilities are especially crowded on weekends and holidays.

Parking Facilities Information

General Public

250 yen per 30 min.

Overnight Guests 1,100 yen per night
Restaurant Patrons 4 hours free parking
Visitors Attending Weddings 9 hours free parking

Executive f loor

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Access Map

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